Welcome to Family of God United Methodist Church!
 Our mission is to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.
We are imperfect people following Christ into the world to share the love of Jesus, help those in need, grow in our faith, and serve others. At the core of our identity is a desire to know God through Jesus Christ, and to introduce Christ to others. There's no greater purpose, and no better way to serve others than to share God's love with them. Wherever you are in your life, you'll find a warm church family that wants to walk beside you. We hope you will visit us soon because there is a place for you here! 

We know that visiting a new church for the first time can be an awkward experience, so we want to be as helpful as we can in making your experience a good one! Below is some information that we hope will make your visit more enjoyable.

What is your worship service like?
Our Sunday morning service is a mixture of old and new. The pastor will typically offer a lesson (sermon) based on a text from the Bible and his reflections on contemporary events. Together we sing traditional hymns as well as more contemporary pieces of music

What should I wear?
We invite you to come as you are whether you are visiting for the first time or for the hundredth. Casual or more formal: you decide. We want you to feel at home!
Will I have to say anything, sign anything, or be singled out in any way? 
While you will be greeted and welcomed, you won’t be put on the spot or publicly embarrassed. During the service, a clipboard with an Attendance Card will get passed down the row. You can fill it out if you'd like more information about the church or if you'd like to connect w
the pastor or a ministry. If you'd rather remain anonymous, that's cool too. 

What about Communion?
Holy Communion: Every church does communion a little bit differently! If you happen to join us on 1st Sunday when we are participating in communion, know that at Family of God, communion is open to all who wa
nt to take part in God's love! Feel free to file out with the others in your pew toward the center aisle, receive the communion elements

Am I going to be expected to give money?
Absolutely not! However, during each service, there is a time to worship God through the giving of tithes and offerings. This is an act of worship for our members and friends allowing them to share in the church's ministry to the community of Palmetto and to the world. As a guest, please do not feel any pressure or obligation to give.

What if I'm not even sure I believe in God?

We believe that the spiritual life is the best thought of like a journey. Some of us are miles down the road and others have miles to go. Some imagine they are going the right way while others insist a new road will get 'there' faster. At Family of God UMC, you'll find companions for the journey and possibly people heading down a similar path to yours. We believe that the big questions of life are best asked and wrestled with while one is walking along talking with others and discerning truth as they go.

Will I understand the message even if I don't know much about the Bible?

Our pastor works to speak to people where they are and to connect the teachings of the Bible with the challenges modern people face today. His messages are accessible to those new to the faith and nuanced for those who have been around for a while.

But I still have more questions!
Please feel free to contact us at any time - We'd love to take the time to answer any question you may have. Better yet, why not visit us this Sunday and see for yourself what a great place Family of God can be!

  Family of God is part of the United Methodist Church. To find out about the UMC please visit www.umc.org.